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ONCE UPON a TIME- Princess Dress Rice Krispie Treats

Impress your little guests with these adorable Rice Krispie Treats. Not only they make great decorations at the dessert table but also they taste so yummy!
What you  need: 3T of butter, 5 cups of Rice Krispies cereal, 4 cups of mini Marshmallows(regular size is works too), 2 cups of Candy Melts, Sprinkles, 1t of Vanilla extract (optional) and cookie cutters (we used the dress shape today)
1. On low heat melt the butter and add vanilla extract.
2. Add marshmallows and let it melt completely. Keep stirring until it becomes smooth.

3. Turn the heat off and add the Rice Krispie cereal. Mix them until they are coated with melted marshmallows.

4. Microwave Candy Melts 30 seconds at a time until they are melted completely.

5. Transfer the marshmallow and Rice Krispies mixture to a 9" x 13" pan and make them flat by pressing down with a spatula. Then pour the melted Candy Melts on top and spread it. (I couldn't make it too flat because my toddler insisted on helping 😅)

6. Spri…

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